We Care About Security

StackOps is committed to protecting its information assets to satisfy the company’s business objectives and meet the information security requirements of its clients, while also maintaining the safety of individuals and protecting their right to privacy. We take our clients security and privacy concerns seriously.

We strive to ensure that data is kept securely, and that we collect only as much data as is required to provide our services to users in an efficient and effective manner. This Security Statement is aimed at being transparent about our security infrastructure and practices, to help reassure you that your data is appropriately protected

The company employs a Director of Information Security, who is dedicated to directing information security and data protection activities. The company has trained and experienced staff developing and operating information systems. Users and employees are granted the least amount of access required and access is only granted if approved and they accept the usage policies.

Furthermore, StackOps carefully screens people who do work for, or on behalf of, the company. Everyone at StackOps is trained on information security and data protection. The company requires confidentiality and nondisclosure from all those who work for StackOps, both during and after employment. Disciplinary action is enforced for noncompliance with corporate policy. The company maintains high ethical standards that are defined and enforced throughout.

Customer data is classified at the highest classification level to facilitate proper identification and handling as defined in the company’s Information Policy which is regularly communicated through training. Personal data/PII is treated with the highest confidentiality and take appropriate measures to protect it.

StackOps additionally identifies and tracks regional security requirements to ensure compliance. Staff are required to observe intellectual property rights. This ensures the company maintains privacy compliance within regional regulatory contexts.

We understand the importance of data security and make every effort to ensure that data held on systems is fully protected.